Publix makes a stand against free speech?

publix cum cake

At best this case would be an example of bad implementation of technology, and laziness or inability to handle technology encompassing Latin.  At worst, the case involves a dedicated attack on free speech.  When I first heard about it, it seemed easily explainable by ignorance (not all bakers are Latin speakers – or graduates) but when I found it it was algorithm-driven, I became a bit more concerned.

This prima facie (yet another Latin phrase) case exudes a 1st Amendment smell, but on closer examination it’s more than likely a simply case of laziness(by the customer).  The evidence:

  • It was ordered online.
  • The order was corrected – the error was seen before checkout, or should have been seen before the order was placed.
  • The order was conveniently picked up by someone other than the order-placer.
  • The cake was picked up, paid for, and the trap was set.
  • The trap was followed by an outraged post on Facebook, detailing every bit of the journey (including the unfortunate screenshot of the warning).

Unfortunate screenshot of the warning

Clearly, this is an example of a Gotcha setup, or simply an example of what happens when you let small children order cakes online?  Maybe we need to implement tight regulations for Internet activity – like an Internet Driver’s License?  Regardless, look for more outrageous activity like this in the future – they do it for the LOLs, and LIKEs.  👎


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