coffee cancer

Cancer agents hiding in your coffee

A recent lawsuit in California and other coffee shops resulted in mandatory posting of signs in shops serving coffee – that’s right, coffee.  The new carcinogen known to California to contain……. a substance.  Prop 65…

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Soft Robotics and what it means

Handling tomatoes, picking strawberries, packaging grapes – all have required a gentle touch…until now. With advanced software and some soft robotics, we a re n ow able to replace the human touch with a robotic…

Polybius – Fact or Fiction

Known as “Polybius Program” a spinoff from the secret MK Ultra program in the 60’s, Polybius was an arcade video game cabinet that gave players seizures and was ultimately pulled from the arcades.  Widely known…

TopGolf – a recreational restaurant/bar

Visiting just after lunch during the week, I was shocked to see all the cars in the parking lot. I assumed most of business would be conducted after hours and on weekends, I could then…

Prostitution in America

Regardless of what you think of our current president, if you admire any of the “ladies” coming forward with details of torrid affairs with a married man, you may need to seek out other heroes.